Despite the fact that we spent a few months pronouncing her first name incorrectly and half the time we're leaving letters off of her last name, SLUG Magazine still has mad love for this resident word nerd and member of the copy editing team. Hell, if it wasn't for Meroño chances are we'd spell Salt Lake Underground incorrectly. SLUG recently put this feisty-fixie rider's extreme attention to detail to use and decided to let her revamp our extremely outdated SLUG Writer's Bible. Meroño graduated last May with a BA from the University of Utah and just landed a paying gig writing copy for a beauty company. At SLUG we let her write about tall bike jousting, cupcake socials and her favorite band Thrice - which she claims makes SLUG the "coolest thing" she does. If you happen to see this lady rolling around town on her fix gear don't embarrass yourself like we did. "Esther" is Spanish and her first name is pronounced like the famous tap dancer Fred Astaire, not like the unglamorous material polyester.