Tim Kronenberg came to us one day in 2012 wanting a tour of our offices, and ended up with a job writing action sports content when we realized what a talented, enthusiastic and all-around loveable guy he is. Tim’s charismatic voice and extensive knowledge of the action sports scene as a Brighton Digger lends a unique and wildly entertaining perspective to his action sports recaps and profiles, and led to his current positions on the SLUG Games team and as a Community Development Executive, garnering action sports sponsorships for our contests. Not one to let snow-bro stereotypes box him in, Tim is just as passionate and skilled at writing about food as he is snowboarding. As if all of that isn’t enough, Tim’s also pursuing English and Mass Comm. degrees from the U of U, and is a prolific home brewer. Moral of the story: If Tim Kronenberg ever walks into your business and asks for a tour, you’ll give him a motherfucking job if you’ve got any brains (but we beat you to it).