After Cody Kirkland's first night of workiing at SLUG, he joined his fellow editors for a "copy editor night out." Most of the copy editors left early after finishing a beer or two, and what started as a group of six or more dwindled to SLUG's Managing Editor,  a senior copy editor and Kirkland. A typical new employee probably would have come for a beer and quietly gone home. Lucky for us, Kirkland isn't typical. He stayed until last call, helped his coworkers make friends with some Scottish guys - who were more than happy to buy the poor SLUG employees rounds of drinks - and ended up crashing on a senior copy editor's couch. This first night taught us a lot about Kirkland. He is fun to be around, has a good sense of humor and is highly responsible - all crucial personality traits for any member of the copy editor team. He also makes really amazing coffee at The Rose Establishment, which is great for getting rid of a lingering hangover from the night before. Kirkland recently started penning CD and book reviews for the mag and we're excited that, soon, the rest of the world will be exposed to his witty point of view. Check his blog, The Whiskey Sutra, at for his most recent rants.