August 4, 2016

Contributor Limelight: Jessica Bundy

SLUG photographer Jessica Bundy started with the magazine in June of 2015 and quickly proved her skill and versatility. Bundy enjoys contributing to the local scene and SLUG’s range of photographic opportunities, particularly portraits of other community members and live shows. Her favorite SLUG assignments include photos for Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls – SLC, Albatross Recordings & Ephemera, Sound & Vision Vinyl and Mike Brown’s foray into Mormon fashion. For her personal photographic work, Bundy eternalizes old, decaying objects and experiments with varying lighting situations to “capture the mood and mystery of the object.” You can find her work at You can also see Bundy’s portrait of Craft Lake City DIY Festival artisan Katie Bjorling on page 10. We love Jessica Bundy’s photos and having her on Team SLUG!