Mike Riedel recently brought his wealth of beer knowledge to SLUG Magazine as our monthly Beer Columnist. Riedel started his Utah Beer blog (utahbeer.blogspot.com) in 2005, unpaid and on his free time, out of a sense of frustration toward people’s misconceptions of Utah craft beers, as well as the desire to create a community focused on local brews and breweries. The blog grew in popularity when the craft beer movement that swept the country a decade ago found a home within the Zion Curtain. Many local beer blogs have come and gone, but like a finely crafted brew, only Riedel’s has stood the test of time. During the week, Riedel gets paid to be a photojournalist for KSTU – Fox 13, getting interviews and footage from around the state for your viewing pleasure, whether it be politicians fighting on the hill or stranded hikers in the snow. In his spare time, Riedel enjoys bicycling, skiing, cars, drawing and of course, photography. Next time you see Riedel out at one of your favorite pubs or breweries trying the latest frosty concoction, buy him a glass and toast our latest great addition to the SLUG team.