April 2, 2015

Contributor Limelight: Talyn Sherer

Talyn Sherer became a SLUG photographer in January 2013, and he has been an invaluable team member ever since! He’s shot assignments ranging from February’s Visigoth cover to a gallery of his trip to Peru and various other online photo galleries for SLUGMag.com. This month, Sherer offers a double-whammy: photos for our April food review of Rye (pg. 6) and portraits of Foodtrepreneur Festival organizer Rachel Hofstetter and some of the festival’s participants (pg. 18). These photos evince one of Sherer’s ultimate passions—food culture! He loves trying different angles and ideas in shooting food and appreciates the relationships that have arisen from his work. Additionally, Sherer has a Bacherlor’s degree in Public Health from Westminster, which, like his penchant for reggae music, speaks to his affable nature that we adore.