Christian Schultz started writing for SLUG in October of 2012, and his prose in all of his work is utterly spellbinding. He also joined the copy editing team this spring. His cerebral yet gracefully constructed sentences and his adept editing skills have been surefire signs that he’d make an excellent Digital Content Coordinator, and we’re beaming with pride to have Christian in this position! He graduated with a BA in English from the U in spring of 2013, and continues his penchant for literature, bookworming through postmodern works by Kathy Acker and by local U professor Lance Olsen, about whose work he’s written stellar reviews. Christian’s interview pieces are equally impressive, as he spoke with Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell and Sacred Bones’ Caleb Braaten, both of which turned out to be delightful reads. Christian loves a good pop, goth or punk show—anything from Chvrches to Perfect Pussy. He is the writer for our monthly Bad Kids Collective web column, Creature Feature, propagating queer youth culture and amplifying these performers’ voices. You may see Christian cycling around Downtown on his way to Eva Bakery, or working the counter at Gourmandise!